Available courses

CE051: Faith and Money: Breaking the Taboo RESTORE

This course is one that is offered at Seminary for Everyone.  It can be taken for credit toward the Certificate program or as meeting the ethics requirement for that program. Or it can be taken because you are interested or wonder how to preach on this topic. This is a one-credit-hour course – that is, it is equivalent to one seminary credit hour.  As such, it will require 45 hours of contact, reading, feedback, and involvement.

Teacher: Shannon Jung

CE043: An Introduction to Christology in Global Contexts

This introductory course is offered through the WTS Certificate Programs and fulfills the theology area for those enrolled in a certificate program. Open to all. 

Instructor: Man Hei Yip

Living Room Theology 101

Course site for Living Room Theology 101 for Life Group Leaders, The Neighborhood Church in Bentonville, AR. 

Teacher: Nate Frambach

CE023: The Gospel According to John, The Pastor

This course fulfills a Bible requirement in our Certificate programs. It is also open to anyone interested in taking the course to deepen their understanding of scripture. 

Instructor: Burton Everist

Life in Service: listen. seek. serve. discover

In The Sacred Journey, Frederick Buechner writes, “Listen to your life. All moments are key moments.” The essential purpose of this course is to explore the questions that you are living, specifically, questions about discernment on your life journey. In fact, this will be an opportunity to engage in discernment—perhaps to sort some things out—with others in community. The course will be a Zoom based (https://zoom.us) opportunity for participants to reflect, listen, talk, seek, and discover together, over the course of four weeks, about our life calling(s), the call to serve, and the spiritual dimension of a life in service to others. These weekly online conversations will be facilitated by the Instructor. The course will be structured by a weekly focus on the key words that constitute the course (see below). Other than the weekly online meetings and the required reading, there will be no additional required assignments.*

Teacher: Nate Frambach

CE093: Becoming a Theologian of the Cross in Context

This course looks at Martin Luther’s theology of the cross from the standpoint of a theologian engaged in the context of 21st -Century North America and specifically in urban and rural settings. It makes use of Luther’s description of a theologian of the cross, his teaching about vocation, opportunity for reflection about the cross and the reign of God, and a cross-informed model for theological reflection used in preparation for the 2015 ELCA Youth Gathering. Participants will emerge better prepared to help others become theologians of the cross as well.

Teacher: John Paulson

TM021: Engaging the Gospels

This course includes an additional 2 week mini unit on Revelation (TM001 Revelation Mini Unit, no extra tuition cost) which is required for TEEM students and optional for all other students. Dates for mini unit will be Nov. 6-19. You must register for TM001E separately if you want to take the mini unit.This course meets the New Testament 1 requirement for Wartburg’s TEEM program; meets New Testament requirement for Wartburg’s Certificate Programs. Troftgruben.